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Do you have a Police obsessed little one who loves to role play? Well look no further for the perfect gift! This 2-seat ride-On Police car is powerful enough to get the bad guys, yet safe enough that you can rest assured your little policeman/policewoman is going to come home safe after another tough day on the job. The 24V battery, soft EVA wheels and shock absorbers provide a high-powered yet smooth ride. The parental control has an emergency stop button and the ability to control both speed and direction of the vehicle, making this unit extra safe for even the most inexperienced drivers. Decked out with flashy lights, a fantastic paint job/decals, and a customizable inbuilt music system, this Ride-on ATV is sure to please adults and kids alike. Expect many happy memories to be formed while role playing in this esthetically pleasing, high functioning Ride-on UTV!



  • Battery: 24V 7 amp
  • Speed: 5-7km/h 
  • Age range: 2-8 years old
  • Max Loading Capacity: 40kg/88lbs
  • Wheels: EVA 
  • Terrain: Grass, Gravel or Sidewalks 
  • Parental Remote: Yes
  • Shock Absorbers: Yes
  • Forward and reverse gear
  • Opening Doors
  • Radio USB/SD/MP3 Connectivity
  • Headlights and Music
  • Adjustable volume
  • One Button Start
  • Two seat belts for safety
  • Charger
  • USB port
  • Leather Seats


2.4G Parental Remote Control

  • Forward and Reverse Gears
  • Left or right direction/steering
  • High and Low Speed which can be set using the remote
  • Brakes / Emergency stop button

24V Police UTV 2-Seater Kids Ride-on Car with Parental Remote Control