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Looking for the toughest hard top truck bed cover that can withstand it all? 


Check out our premium quality truck bed cover, made with high grade aluminum honeycomb plate that can withstand harsh weather and heavy-duty use. The black powder coating gives this hard top a durable, long lasting finish that protects against rust and scratches. This design helps with fuel economy by reducing air drag. 


The Rubber Q-Seal weather proofs the side rails, front rail, and tailgate cap keeping all the weather elements out, ensuring your gear stays dry.


No need to drill holes or invest in tools to install our covers - they come fully assembled and include all the accessories that you require for your easy drill-free installation. Yes, these robust covers can be securely installed in minutes without modifications to your truck!


Tri fold hard top Tonneau cover for  GMC Sierra 1500 / Chevy Silverado 1500 (2019-2024) 5.8 ft Box


Tri fold hard top Tonneau covers for GMC Sierra 1500 5.8 box (2019-2024)

SKU: 2405021300180

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