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Need something safe enough for your youngest family members but big and powerful enough to entertain your older kids as well? Look no further! Our Dadco 24V  2 seater has all the features you want and need for kids aged 2-8. The soft EVA wheels make driving on multiple terrains a breeze, and you'll love the extra smooth ride you get from the inbuilt shock absorbers. Drive in style with bright headlights and a built in music system that supports radio, USB, SD, and MP3 connectivity. Safety features include seatbelts and a parental remote that has an emergency stop button and can control both speed and direction of the vehicle for your more inexperienced drivers. 



  • Battery: 24V 8 amp
  • Speed: 5-7km/h 
  • Age range: 2-8 years old
  • Max Loading Capacity: 45kg/99lbs
  • Wheels: EVA 
  • Terrain: Grass, Gravel or Sidewalks 
  • Parental Remote: Yes
  • Shock Absorbers: Yes
  • Forward and reverse gear
  • Opening Doors
  • Radio USB/SD/MP3 Connectivity
  • Headlights and Music
  • Adjustable volume
  • One Button Start
  • Two seat belts for safety
  • Charger
  • USB port
  • Leather Seats


2.4G Parental Remote Control

  • Forward and Reverse Gears
  • Left or right direction/steering
  • High and Low Speed which can be set using the remote
  • Brakes / Emergency stop button

24V 4x4 Power wheel with parental remote and soft wheels - DSV-0789