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Introducing the "AutoBlocks Challenge": Where Creativity Meets Play!


Get ready to embark on an imaginative journey with our revolutionary AutoBlocks, the car puzzle blocks that redefine the way you play! Designed for both kids and adults, this unique building set combines the timeless joy with the excitement of constructing your very own fleet of customizable vehicles.


Each AutoBlocks set comes with a vibrant assortment of interlocking blocks, wheels, axles, and specialty pieces that allow you to assemble an array of sleek and stylish cars. Whether you dream of crafting a speedy race car, a robust off-roader, or a futuristic concept vehicle, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!


The magic of AutoBlocks lies in its innovative design, featuring a modular system that effortlessly combines form and function. With easy-to-follow instructions, even budding builders can create intricate vehicles, while experienced enthusiasts can push the boundaries of design with advanced configurations.

But the fun doesn't stop there—AutoBlocks are engineered for interactive play. Each car is equipped with movable parts like working doors, spinning wheels, and hinged roofs, enhancing the play experience and providing a sense of accomplishment when your creation comes to life.


AutoBlocks also encourages collaborative play, as friends and family can join forces to create an entire fleet or embark on exciting races and adventures. The possibilities for cooperative building and imaginative storytelling are as boundless as the open road!

Parents will appreciate the educational value of AutoBlocks, as it promotes critical thinking, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills development in a dynamic and entertaining way. Plus, the durable, high-quality materials ensure that these blocks will withstand the test of time, providing endless hours of entertainment.

Get ready to rev up your creativity and take building to a whole new level with AutoBlocks—the puzzle blocks that drive innovation, imagination, and endless hours of fun! Assemble, play, and let your imagination hit the road!


1:10 Scale 3063 pieces Model car by Mould King.

3063 pc Model 13121 Mould King Model Car 1:10 Scale

SKU: 2405021249359

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